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What does my signature say about me?! Have you ever wondered what your signature says about you?  Every person’s signature is so unique.  Some are careful and curly, while others more closely resemble lumpy blobs or a failed attempt to lasso the page.  Is it possible that people’s signatures say something about their personalities?  Is it possible that characteristics of each individual signature link to characteristics of each of us unique individual people? Graphology - part art, part science, part divination - is the practice of deriving one’s personality from handwriting.  Some have discredited graphology as a “woo woo” pseudo science more akin to astrology or magic.  Others compare it to psychology claiming that psychological elements of a person’s personality manifest themselves in certain fine motor traits and habits.  The CIA used graphology to assess the pe... (more)

“Once in a while you can get shown the

“Once in a while you can get shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look at it right.” -- The Grateful Dead OK, so maybe I'm harkening back to my college days, but this quote does ring ... (more)

Four Reasons Why you Should Try DocuSign Freedom

Four Reasons Why you Should Try DocuSign FreedomAs part of the DocuSign freedom release, we’re happy to announce a new free edition for individuals.Based on the feedback from our customers, partners ... (more)

Customer Spotlight - Technology Improvements Make Cultural Exchange Easier

  Contributed article by: Ronnie Higgins Content Manager at Ayusa Imagine for a moment you’re a German parent in the 1980s. You’ve just sent your teenage son or daughter across the Atlantic to study in the United States and for the next nine to ten months you’re limited to expensive long distance phone calls or short postcard updates to stay connected.   Now fast forward to the present. You’ve received an email during your child’s layover, liked a status update on Facebook and tucked them in via Skype - all in the first 24 hours.   Technology has advanced tremendously over th... (more)

Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey with The DocuSign Spring '14 Release

What's more exciting than building new products? There’s only one thing… and that's hearing customers talk about how they love using it daily! This week, at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014, our customers, including American Express, Nationwide, Salesforce, Comcast, T-Mobile, and many others, will be sharing their stories of how DocuSign is enabling 100% digital transactions within their mission critical processes. Over 95,000 companies have joined DocuSign on this digital transformation journey, driving 40,000 new unique users daily. To accelerate that journey, we are making DocuSign even... (more)