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Attitude: It Matters!

Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” This sentiment is particularly true in the ever evolving, ever more challenging world of sales. At a time when technology to aid the sales process is pervasive – LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, Eloqua, Twitter, DemandBase, to name a few, we often forget that it is a salesperson’s attitude that can separate them from the rest.
Many of my opinions about what makes a truly great sales professional have been influenced not by my time in sales, but by my many experiences as a buyer. There have been numerous times where I have made a decision about a company based on a terrible experience with a negative sales person. Now I don’t encourage holding grudges or making snap judgments, but sometimes I’ll avoid a company just because I would rather not deal with someone whose day is ruined because I was their 50th call of the day.
That type of negative attitude can produce a negative experience for the buyer, resulting in a lost opportunity. But more importantly it can erode the hard won currency of your businesses brand and customer loyalty. It’s simple – a poor attitude produces poor individual results, and can reflect negatively on the business as a whole. I have often said that it might be your 50th sales call of the day – but it’s your prospect or customer’s first. Delivering a great sales experience begins with have a positive attitude.
Think back to that one store or business you have always remained loyal to because of one or two specific sales people that made your day. They went out of their way to listen to your needs and to ensure that your experience was delightful. I’ve made regular visits to stores and maintained relationships with key vendors just because I know I will receive fantastic service every time I work with them.
People who have a more positive attitude create positive experiences. You want to see them again, talk to them again, and buy from them again. Upbeat sales people have higher customer retention, have a happier team to work with, and are overall more successful.
A positive personality can make the biggest difference in a sale or in a relationship. Maintaining a winning attitude can ultimately help you achieve your goals. Here are three small tips to stay positive every day:
  • Maintain a positive physiology.
By having a welcoming posture, sitting up straight, and smiling, you will create a more positive atmosphere around you. And, for those of you on the phone, you will project a more positive tone.
  • Drink lots of water.
No, seriously. You may not think about it, but drinking lots of water can help reduce stress levels. It is healthier for your body and gives you more energy.
  • Stay optimistic.
Use positive language and surround yourself with positive images. The more you see, think, and speak favorably, the more positive you will be. You can think of this similar to the advocacy effect, where you will often believe in what you say you believe in. You know you are successful and smart, so why not think that way too?
A positive attitude is infectious and will positively influence your colleagues and, more importantly, your customers and prospects. Make the choice to be the salesperson that everyone wants to buy from again because of your enthusiasm and self-confidence. Differentiate not just on your ability to sell, but on the positive experience you deliver in the sales process.  As noted businessman and philanthropist W. Clement Stone once said, “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”

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